Who cares? Well, I can answer that

Every time I see an article regarding a new celebrity coming out, I can’t help but smile. It’s been great seeing guys like Michael Sam, Jason Collins, Darren Young, Ty Herndon and Billy Gilman take a step toward busting down barriers in their respective fields. It just warms me up inside. That is, until I reach the comments section. Continue reading

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In defense of Greg from Outdated

After reading some of the reviews and listening to some feedback, I feel that I needed to address the issue of why Greg was such a doormat in Outdated. Most people got frustrated with his actions, and really didn’t understand why he wouldn’t stand up for himself. The storyline of Outdated is completely fictional, however the actions taken by Greg are something I can relate to. Greg became so frustrated with his situation that he no longer had any fight left in him. As someone who once experienced those feelings, I can tell you it does happen. You just get to the point of not wanting to fight anymore. You don’t have the energy or the will, and you just want everything to be settled. So you give in.
Also, like Greg, I’ve been in love with men who treated me like crap, but I was too blind to see it. In my case, I was just happy someone was willing to be with me. In Greg’s, he has this fantasy set up in his head and continues to work towards it, even if the other guy is unwilling.
Believe me, my actions frustrated many of my friends, so maybe I should take it as a compliment that Greg made people want to slap him back to his senses, since a lot of people wanted to do that to me. So the story may not be real, but the emotions are. Like me, Greg got his spark back little by little. Maybe not fully, but life is always a work in progress.
I really appreciate all the support that has been given to Outdated. Even though people wanted to hurt Greg, they still seemed to enjoy the story (and Charlie!). It was a great way to release some of the feelings I’ve had, and hopefully others can relate. But since Greg does have a little bit of me in him, I just felt I had to explain his actions.

Thanks for reading!

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Excerpt for Outdated

Here’s a little taste for you all. Outdated goes on sale October 22, but you can already preorder a copy via the Less Than Three Press site.

Excerpt: Outdated
“Greg, it’s not what it looks like.” Great, I wasn’t even worthy of a good explanation. Nope, Tim—my soon-to-be-ex—handed me a cliché as to why I just found him naked on our fire-red leather couch with a guy young enough to be his son. Granted, he would have been 17, but it still worked in this case.
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Pray the Gay Away? Believe Me, I Tried.

Whenever I hear someone say that being gay is a choice and that if a gay man or woman simply prayed hard enough, then we could truly turn our lives around, it makes me sad, and a little angry. I get this way because what they don’t know, and what they might be shocked to find out is that many of us have tried praying. Especially early on when people would call us fags before we even knew what that word meant. Before we figured out what our feelings were. Before we were willing to accept ourselves as unique individuals who just happened to be interested in the same sex. Continue reading

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Change of Pace for My Next Book

While I’ve been very busy putting the final touches on Outdated, I’ve also begun working on my next story, which I hope to actually make into a full length novel. This time around, I’ve been wanting to explore deeper issues that have been swimming in my head for the past few years; issues of spirituality and its place in my life. I’ve always believed in God, but every time I went to church, all I heard was that I was going to go to hell. Lately, though, I’ve been wondering if perhaps that is just man speaking, and not God. Which, if you haven’t guessed it already, is the theme of my new book. Continue reading

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New blurb for Outdated

Here’s the new blurb for Outdated. Let me know what you all think.


A thirty-six year old IT professional and married for ten years, Greg knows he’s not the young, hot and exciting stud he used to be. But he didn’t think he was so outdated that he would come home to find his husband screwing a younger man on their living room sofa.

Stuck living with his ex, completely lost when it comes to the drastic changes of the dating landscape, it feels like he’s going to be outdated and alone forever. The only bright spot in his life is Kellan, the hunky bear who frequently flirts with him. But even that is dampened by Kellan’s mixed signals, leaving it unclear if he really wants Greg at all.

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Yes, this whole Michael Sam thing is important and this is why….

When I was younger, I was into sports. I liked playing them, and I was fairly decent. Not great, but not terrible. But because I was slightly feminine, I was made to feel like I wasn’t any good at all; as if I couldn’t keep up with the regular boys. So after that, I just didn’t pay attention to them anymore.

Sad to say, but that whole view of not being as good as the other boys still lingers on today. However, now we have someone who could help change that. Not that it’s his entire responsibility to share, but Michael Sam being drafted by the Rams is significant because it could help shatter the view that somehow being gay makes you less of a man than “regular” guys. Heck, he’s already done that by earning the SEC Defensive Player of the year.

Even though we know it’s not true, the prevailing image of gay culture is that of men wanting to be women. The fault lies in many places (and not just from straight people), but like all people, gay men are all sorts of different shapes, sizes, and personalities. So you may shrug your shoulders and ask “who cares” when it comes to Michael Sam’s sexuality, but trust me, if you were in my shoes, you would definitely care a whole lot.

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