Why I Prefer Twitter

I have been so neglectful of my blog, though I really have been meaning to utilize it a bit more. But I guess I’m just having too much fun on Twitter to notice anything else. I don’t know what it is; I just feel so much more connected on Twitter than I do with my blog. Plus, and don’t laugh, but I actually feel like I express myself better on Twitter than on my blog or Facebook. Maybe I’m just someone who likes to writer things in short bursts and not long ones (hmmm, and I want to be an author.) Continue reading

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New Blurb for Roommate Adventures

As the rerelease for Roommate Adventures draws near, the bits and pieces are finally coming together thanks to Less Than Three Press. First they gave me this wonderful cover,


and now the blurb:

Danny has decided it’s time to make his life drama free, and he’s going to start with his living arrangements. The strife caused by a previous roommate is not something he aims to repeat. His plans are neatly shattered, however, when the new roommate arrives. Javier is exactly the kind of temptation he was hoping to avoid—and with him comes a whole new set of problems that leave Danny helpless as to who he really wants.

I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. Until next time…..

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New cover for Roommate Adventures!

Just received the cover for the re-release of Roommate Adventures. It’s exactly what i wanted, and evokes the kind of tone that I was hoping to capture. I am so excited and thankful to Less Than Three Press, who have been so great during this whole process. What do you all think?


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Merry Christmas!


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December 25, 2013 · 4:14 pm

My Journey Continues

Someone asked me how I could call myself an author if I only have two short stories up for sale. That’s a fair question, though one that needs a bit of clarification. I do have only two works up, both shorts, but at one time I had five, with each one increasing in length (no pun intended) as I became more confident in my writing. I had been hesitant to write anything longer than a novella, only because I was a bit rusty (I hadn’t done anything that wasn’t a screenplay or play in a while), and because I wanted to test things out.

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Are tablets a good tool for writers?

This is a question I get asked the most from fellow writers when I mention that I have an iPad mini. My answer to them is always a humongous yes. I’m actually writing this post on my mini without the use of my Bluetooth keyboard, though I’m sure everyone figured that out. What they really want to know is if an entire story can be composed on one, from inception to revisions. That’s where the answer gets a bit tricky.

Because yes, it can be done, though I wouldn’t recommend trying to do an entire novel ( or even a novella) with the on-screen keyboard. If you wanted to attempt that, I would definitely recommend using a Bluetooth keyboard. My wonderful partner got me one for my birthday and it is really convenient to have, especially when I travel. The combination of iPad mini and keyboard still takes up less space than my laptop, and even if I don’t feel like using the keyboard, I can still bust out the mini and open up Google Drive, which stores my current work and allows me to make revisions. So even while waiting for my plane I can actually be extremely productive; well unless Injustice has a new challenge, then all bets are off.

There are also plenty of apps such as Textilus that provide many of the functions you will find on most word processors, and can be linked up to apps like Dropbox. Of course you will have to pay to get those features, but even the free versions are worth checking out.

I doubt I’ll ever replace my laptop completely (though it seems like it is getting to that point sometimes), however it appears that my tablet has grown into a very important tool in my life; one that I use for more than just changing a word here and there.

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Daniel Craig – The Perfect Older Man

If anyone has ever doubted my attraction to older men, here is a prime example. I dare you to look without getting turned on.

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